Due Wednesday 2018-01-17 at the start of class.

1. Reading

Read [AoE] Chapter 2 through section 2.2.5. Skip section 2.2.2 for now, we will look at the Schmitt trigger circuit in the future.

2. Finish the worksheet from Friday

The handout from class didn’t print the tables properly for pages 2-3. You should do the same prediction + measurements for all 3 collector resistor values. A properly-rendered PDF is available in Google Drive Class notes folder.

3. AoE - Exercise 2.4 (p. 80)

There is a Thevenin equivalent source attached to the base, with voltage \(v_{\mathrm{source}}\) and resistance \(R_{\mathrm{source}}\)

4. AoE - Exercise 2.5 (p. 81)

The output voltage variation specification means less than a 5% change over the load current (emitter current) range of 0 to 25 mA. Use the results from the current section (B) and Exercise 2.4 to treat the output of the system as a Thevenin equivalent source. See Schematic setup for [AoE] Exercise 2.5 for an example schematic.

aoe ex2 5
Figure 1. Schematic setup for [AoE] Exercise 2.5

5. AoE - Exercise 2.6 (p. 82)

Section 1.2.6.A may be useful review about the behavior of a zener diode. The model of a zener in reverse breakdown mode is a voltage source of \(V_Z\) in series with a resistor \(R_{\mathrm{dyn}}\).

6. AoE - Exercise 2.7 (p. 83)

Combine everything together!

7. References