Due Wednesday 2018-01-24 at the start of class.

1. Reading

Read [AoE] from section 2.2.6 through the end of section 2.2 (page 90). Sections 2.2.7 through the end is the topic for Wednesday class.

Read [AoE] section 2.3.7, paying attenting to Figure 2.60. The “(figure out why)” at the end of page 101 is the goal of the Lab 1-B Current Mirror circuit.

Read [L-AoE] chapter 4N.

2. Complete the lab circuits

For each of the Lab 1 versions:

  • Find the values of the checkboxed items.

  • Find the values of the checkboxed items.

3. AoE - Exercise 2.8 (p. 84)

Design an emitter follower with ±15 V supplies to operate over the audio range (20 Hz to 20 kHz). Use 5 mA quiescent current and capacitive input coupling.

This problem uses results from Lab 1-A Emitter Follower: §2.2 Amplifier.

Additional question

What is the maximum load (minimum Rload) that can be used with this amplifier to maintain an output signal swing of at least 16 V peak-to-peak?

4. Current mirror compliance

What is the output compliance of the current mirror measured in Lab 1-B Current Mirror: §2.1 Current mirror operation?

The term compliance is defined in [AoE] §2.2.6.D (p. 86).

5. References