Due Monday 2018-03-26 at the start of class.

1. Notes

Hand in your work on ENGINEERING PAPER:[1]

  • One side of writing per page.

  • One column of intermixed schematic, math, and text.

  • Near-zero cross-outs or erase marks. (you have plenty of paper!)[2]

→ Remember that [AoE] section 2.3.8 Differential amplifiers starting on page 103 talks about differential pairs. Figure 2.64 and Figure 2.65 are quite similar to Lab 4's work.

2. Lab 4 hand analysis

Begin with the circuit of Lab 4 - Figure 3.

Find the same six gains that were measured using circuit analysis and the “half-circuit” analysis technique. Your results should be both a symbolic expression and a computed number for each.

\[\begin{align} A_{cm\,A} &= \dfrac{v_{outA}}{v_{in,\,cm}} \\[1em] A_{cm\,B} &= \dfrac{v_{outB}}{v_{in,\,cm}} \\[1em] A_{cm} &= \dfrac{v_{outA} - v_{outB}}{v_{in,\,cm}}\\[1em] & \\ A_{d,\,A} &= \dfrac{v_{outA}}{v_{in,\,d}}\\[1em] A_{d,\,B} &= \dfrac{v_{outB}}{v_{in,\,d}}\\[1em] A_{d} &= \dfrac{v_{outA} - v_{outB}}{v_{in,\,d}} \end{align}\]

1. I will hand your paper back without grading for you to actually re-write!
2. See Prof. White if you didn’t receive your complementary pad of engineering paper.